Heat and cool your home more efficiently with clean energy.

On average, heating and cooling accounts for about a third of the energy used in an average home. That’s why it’s important to invest in efficient technologies to keep bills down.

Heat pumps:

Heat pumps provide year-round comfort and save energy by moving heat in or out of your home based on the season. Because they move heat rather than generate it, heat pumps can be 2 to 4 times more energy efficient than a gas furnace!

Another benefit of having a heat pump is that it can both heat and cool your home, all in one unit. Heat pumps use electricity to both heat and cool, replacing combustion based heating sources that can be a safety and health risk to your family.

Heat pumps come in a few different configurations, including ducted and ductless (sometimes called mini split) models. A well designed and sealed ducted distribution system can deliver balanced heating and cooling throughout the living area or workspace. A ductless system can provide space conditioning while avoiding efficiency losses caused by heat transfer as ducting moves through unconditioned spaces such as the attic or crawl space.

There are now even heat pumps that can provide radiant heating or domestic hot water.

Switching to heat pumps means staying cozy with clean, renewable electricity from Sonoma Clean Power.

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What to Look For When Choosing a Heat Pump

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Heat Recovery Ventilators:

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) preheat or cool fresh outdoor air as it enters the living space. The incoming fresh, filtered air and stale outgoing air pass through a heat exchanger which allows fresh outside air to be preconditioned as it enters the heating and cooling system. In the winter, the heat exchanger harvests heat from the outgoing exhaust air to preheat the fresh incoming air and in the summer, it does the opposite, removing the heat from the fresh incoming air as it is transferred to the stale but cooler indoor air exiting the living space.

Helpful tips when choosing an HRV!

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Get Smart with a Smart Thermostat:

Increase your savings with a “smart” thermostat that optimizes your heating and cooling needs based on the home you live in and your daily patterns. Better yet? SCP offers a $50 discount off Google Nest and ecobee products. Don't forget to connect your smart thermostat to the GridSavvy Community to move toward a cleaner, more reliable grid and receive $5 bill credit each month on your electricity bill.

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Other offers are available for Air to Water Heat Pumps or Mini Split Heat Pump.

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