A better experience in the kitchen. Incentives up to $500 are available!

You can find induction cooktops in kitchens all over the world. And now, induction is growing in popularity across the United States.

Whether you are a chef or a beginner, induction will enhance your cooking experience. Induction boils water twice as fast as conventional electric and gas ranges. And induction ranges are safer, easy to clean, and don't create extra heat in the kitchen.

Induction uses electricity. So no more wondering if you left the stove on or worrying about gas leaks. With induction, you'll avoid all the nasty toxins that come from cooking with gas.

You can test the bottom of your cookware at home with a refrigerator magnet to see if it's compatible. If they don’t stick, don't worry.

Induction Cooking 101

Class is in! Discover the best technology in electric cooking.

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You may have seen our recent posts on social media about induction cooking, but are you still asking yourself “why should I make the switch?” Well, there are multiple benefits to cooking with induction that you may want to consider. Plus, you can try an induction cooktop for free by checking one out from SCP!

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