Step 1: What is your priority?

Replacing an old appliance before it burns out? Choosing more energy-efficient appliances? Easy steps towards electrification? Reducing your gas usage? Getting the most out of your rooftop solar?

Depending on your priority, the equipment you choose matters. Sonoma Clean Power offers rebates on the following highly efficient electric appliances:

  • Heat pump water heaters

  • Heat pump heating & cooling systems

  • Combined heat pump heating & cooling and water heating systems (Hydronics)

  • Induction cooktops

  • Heat recovery ventilators

In addition to doing your own research, we recommend talking with one of our team members at SCP’s Center in downtown Santa Rosa, or giving us a call at 707-708-0444 to get more familiar with the benefits of these technologies.

Step 2: What appliances are you going to install? And does your home need any electrical upgrades before installing it?

Once you have chosen an appliance, determine what the electrical requirements are (i.e. 15 amps, 30 amps, 50 amps). Then, check your home’s electrical panel and service capacity. An electrician can check this for you, or you can do it yourself.

Depending on your home’s electrical service capacity, electrical panel upgrades may be required before installing a new all-electric appliance.

Step 3: Now that your home is ready for the appliance of your choice, are you going to do the project yourself (DIY) or are you going to hire a contractor?

  • If you're bringing in a contractor for your project, click here for the next steps tailored just for you.
  • If you're taking on a DIY project, click here to discover your next steps and helpful tips!