Step 1: Confirm your chosen appliance meets SCP’s performance requirements.

Once you’ve picked a preferred brand and model for the appliance you plan to install, please verify with SCP that it meets our performance requirements. You can do this by calling us at 707-708-0444 or viewing our eligibility requirements here.

Step 2: Apply for a project permit.

Make sure to apply for a permit from your city or county department. Your project needs to be formally permitted to receive a rebate from SCP*.

*Induction cooktops are an exception to this rule and do not require a permit to install.

Step 3: Purchase the appliance.

You can purchase your appliance directly from any manufacturer, wholesale distributor, or retailer of your choice.

As a reminder, the appliance must meet SCP’s performance requirements to qualify for our rebate.

Step 4: Install the appliance.

Step 5: Complete a final inspection for your permit.

Schedule a final inspection with your city or county permitting department. This usually entails an onsite visit from one of their inspectors.

If the project passes their inspection, they will provide a signed (“final”) permit or follow up with a link to your completed permit, which you can download or print from their website.

Step 6: Apply for an SCP rebate with all the necessary documentation.

To initiate a rebate request, complete our “Claim Rebate” form and attach all the necessary documents.

Please note that incomplete applications will be denied. However, you may reapply when you have all the necessary documentation.

Documents to submit*:

  • Detailed receipts for materials and project-related costs.

  • Completed permit from your city or county**.

  • Photo proof of installation.

*Heat pump heating and cooling systems require an AHRI Certificate to verify the equipment’s performance. SCP can assist with pulling this document for you.

**Induction cooktops do not require a permit, only an invoice and photo proof of installation.

Step 7: Receive a check for the rebate amount.

You will receive an email notifying you that the rebate application has been approved and is being processed for payment.

A rebate check will be sent to you in the mail within 6-8 weeks of a complete submission.