Save time and energy in the kitchen.

This isn’t Grandma’s electric stove. This is the future of cooking. Induction offers unparalleled heat control and cooking precision. And no nasty toxins from gas to breathe in. Dinner is ready. Faster. Easier clean up. With clean energy cooking, the only thing that’s dirty are the dishes.

Get incentives, free cookware and optional 0% financing when making the switch to induction today.

Cooking on Induction with Chef Corsino

Let’s get cooking

Induction cooking uses magnetic induction technology to heat pots and pans, resulting in faster cook times, less wasted heat and a safer, healthier kitchen.

Exceptional control.

Unlike electric stoves of the past, induction produces heat directly inside the pan, leading to unparalleled precision, control, and response that rivals gas stoves!


Cooking with induction is one of the safest ways to cook! You are no longer exposed to a red-hot stovetop surface (or coil), or an open flame. Plus, induction cooktops won’t produce heat unless there’s cookware on the surface and many models come with auto-off settings that turns off the stove when you remove the cookware. No more wondering whether you left the stove on.

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