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Heat pump water heaters save energy and money by pulling heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the water in the storage tank. You’ll save with every shower, each load of laundry, and every time you do the dishes. And because heat pump hot water heaters use clean electricity rather than natural gas or propane, you can enjoy a happier, healthier home too.

Did you know that water heating is one of the largest energy uses in California homes? Heat pump water heaters (also called hybrid water heaters by some manufacturers) use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. In simple terms, a heat pump is a system that uses a small amount of energy to “move” heat from one location to another. Your refrigerator in your home is a great example of this! It moves warm air from within the refrigerator to the outside of the refrigerator. That’s why your hand feels warm if you put it near the back of your refrigerator. By transferring heat rather than creating it, heat pumps deliver hot water 3-4 times more efficiently than conventional water gas heaters.


Heat pump water heaters use electricity and can replace combustion-based water heaters that can be a safety and health risk to your family.

Heat pump water heaters are what are called “storage” water heaters, meaning that they keep 80 gallons of hot water warm and ready for your use. That means if you lose power, you’ll still have access to that hot water. Because of their ability to store water, your heat pump water heater can also act like a thermal battery through our GridSavvy Community program.

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