Home energy and water savings toolkits

Do you know how much energy and water your home uses? Take charge of your usage with the DIY Energy and Water Savings Toolkit. With this handy toolkit, you can measure how much energy and water is consumed and make a few quick home upgrades to save money. Low flow water fixtures reduce the amount of hot water needed and therefore save energy and money by reducing the hot water needs. Involve the kids and make it a fun learning opportunity!


Check out a toolkit from your local Sonoma or Mendocino County Library branch for three weeks.

Not available at Forestville or Occidental branches.


Each toolkit comes with a copy of the Home Energy and Water Savings Guidebook (online version below) that provides tips and guidance on simple home upgrades, as well as dimmable LED lightbulbs, weather stripping, low-flow shower heads and aerators for you to install. Also included are measuring devices like a Kill-a-Watt, infrared laser thermometer, and flow rate bag to help to save energy, water, and money.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Energy and Water Savings Toolkit Guidebook walk you through simple steps that will help you take charge of your home’s energy and water use to reduce your utility bills.

Download a Guidebook and learn more!

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