The Contractor Project Steps and Frequently Asked Questions is a short series of tutorials on how Participating Advanced Energy Center contractors can navigate the Advanced Energy Center website, how to purchase products, access discounts, and walk through required documentation for a project from start to finish. These recordings are intended to be a reference material to assist your staff in all things related to the Advanced Energy Center. The full set of presentation slides cover all of tutorial segments combined.

Tutorial 1: Contractor Profile and Becoming Certified to Install Products In this 8-minute tutorial, we walkthrough slides 1 through 6 covering:

  • The two ways a contractor can participate at the Advanced Energy Center
  • How contractors get certified for product installations
  • The Contractor Network and understanding the Contractor Profile

Tutorial 2: Working with your Customers and Submitting Bids In this 10-minute tutorial, we walk through slides 7 through 11 covering:

  • How contractors can work with existing leads and customers
  • What a project bid must include
  • How contractors receive requests for bids
  • SCP’s bid request system: Chatter
  • How to submit a project bid

Tutorial 3: Purchasing Products and Change Orders In this 6-minute tutorial, we walkthrough slides 12 through 14 covering:

  • Requirements for deposits to start a project
  • Requirements and how to submit a change order for 0% financing projects
  • How to purchase Advanced Energy Center equipment

Tutorial 4: BayREN Home+ Eligible Products and Projects In this 8-minute tutorial, we walk through slides 15 through 17 covering:

  • BayREN Home+ rebates
  • BayREN Home+ contractor requirements
  • Advanced Energy Center products requiring a Home+ contractor
  • Induction stoves/cooktop products and BayREN Home+

Tutorial 5: Project Close Out and Subcontractors In this 6-minute tutorial, we walkthrough slides 18 through 20 covering:

  • Project close out documentation
  • How to submit project close out documentation
  • When 0% financing contractors can expect payment
  • How to work with your subcontractors
  • Getting your subcontractors involved at the Advanced Energy Center


Tutorial Slides