This On-Bill Financing program is offered by Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) to qualified SCP residential service customers (Customer) to offset the cost of purchasing and installing eligible equipment (Improvements). Through OBF, qualified Customers will receive zero percent (0%) interest, no-fee, unsecured financing for Improvements for which incentives and rebates are approved under an eligible SCP energy efficiency or fuel switching program (Program). Financing is available to qualified Customers for up to one hundred percent (100%) of the actual installed cost (up to the amount approved by SCP) of approved Improvements, less rebates or incentives received by Customer under eligible Program(s). The maximum loan amount available per service account is ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The maximum loan term for a Customer is ten (10) years. The fixed monthly loan repayment (Improvement Repayment) amount will be billed as a line item on Customer’s PG&E electric utility bill.

This OBF Application must be submitted and approved to be eligible for OBF funding for your selected equipment. Approval of this Application does not guarantee funding. OBF funding requires completed installation of approved equipment and fulfillment of all terms and conditions contained in this Application and the Participant Agreement (to be provided after a measure/contractor is selected). Please read all terms and conditions associated with this Application carefully before signing.

Program Terms and Conditions