Meiko M-iClean UM+ Dishwashing Machine


Estimated Total Project Cost:
$7000 - $10000
SCP Rebate:
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The Meiko- M-iClean UM+ Dishwashing Machine is one of the most advanced undercounter dishwashers on the market, it offers the latest glass washing technology to give you a flexible approach for all of your dishwashing needs. Built with the consumer in mind, the M-iClean UM+ Dishwashing Machine has app compatibility so that you can get immediate messages on machine and hygiene data as well as having an intuitive operating system for anyone to operate! On top of being easy to clean, the M-iClean UM+ Dishwashing Machine is also energy star certified by using the minimal amount of resources required for perfectly clean dishes.

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Product Specifications

• ENERGY STAR Qualified

• Capacity 37 racks per hour

• Water consumption 0.61 gallons (2.31 liters) per rack

• Double-wall construction improves energy efficiency and provides a cooler exterior

• Variable programmed time cycles - 95, 150 and 210 seconds

• Built-in liquid detergent and rinse aid pumps

• Detergent empty indicator

• Easily-accessed pump priming and deliming modes

• Machine shutdown automatically rinses the wash chamber with hot, fresh water to ease cleaning, then drains the machine

• Stainless steel non-clogging combination wash/rinse arms provide simpler disassembly for cleaning

• Sloped ceiling is safer for the user and minimizes dripping of soiled water onto sanitized ware

• 3/4 Hp (0.56 kW) wash pump

• 304 and 316Ti stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance

• Type A air gap system eliminates water leaks and maintenance associated with vacuum breaker

• Pumped drain for both floor and wall drain applications

• Illuminated door handle - Provides visual cues to the operator on the machine operating status. The color of the illumination will show the operating state of the machine (ready for operation, washing, or displaying an important message)

• Glass touchscreen display - Provides a range of information in plain text, including wash and rinse tank temperatures, selection of different cycle times, a graphical progress bar, operating state, and service information

• M-iClean Filter - Food soil is continually strained from the wash water by the two-stage M-iClean Filter. Captured soil is removed at the end of each cycle., improving washing results and minimizing both detergent use and manual cleaning

• Blue Touch color coding - Components that require manual cleaning are colored blue for intuitive operation and easier staff training • Auto Safe - The internal booster heater is automatically regulated to ensure proper sanitizing temperatures, regardless of the incoming water temperature

• Soft Start - The wash water is pumped at a reduced pressure for the first few seconds of the wash cycle, protecting the ware from being moved by a sudden burst of pressure

• Pumped Final Rinse - An internal rinse pump ensures that the final rinse pressure is constant, for efficient operation and consistent results

• Leak Detection System - Stops machine operation if an internal leak is detected

• Inline slide base - adds 1” (25mm) to height

• Framed base with individual legs - adds 6” (152mm) to height

• Flush-paneled stainless steel base - adds 4-3/4” (120mm) to height

• Flush-paneled stainless steel cabinet base - adds 15-3/4” (400mm) to height

• Flush-paneled stainless steel cabinet base with individual 6” legs - adds 21-3/4” (550mm) to height

• NEMA plug kit (three phase only - installed by others - incl. receptacle and plate). 208-230/60/3 = NEMA 15-50P

• Drain water tempering kit (installed by others)

• Drain water tempering kit (factory installed)

• Drain board top

Maximum Capacity 37 racks/hour / 925 dishes/hour / 1332 glasses/hour

Minimum Cycle Time (Seconds): Wash Cycle 80.0

Dwell / Drain Time 8.4

Rinse Cycle 6.6

Total Cycle 95.0

Water Requirements:

Incoming Water Temperature (Optimum) 140°F (60°C)

Recommended Water Hardness 1-3 grains per U.S. gal.

Water Consumption per Rack 0.61 gals. (2.31 liters)

Water Consumption per Hour (max.) 22.57 gals. (85.44 liters)

Flow Pressure 8.7-72.5 psi (0.6-5.0 bars)

Incoming Waterline 3/4” garden hose Drain line size 7/8” ID, 1-1/8” OD flexible hose

Maximum drain flow rate 5.3 gals. (20.0 liters) per minute

Required Operating Temperatures:

Wash (Minimum) . 150°F (66°C)

Rinse (Minimum) 180°F (82°C)

Required Operating Temperatures:

Wash (Minimum) . 150°F (66°C)

Rinse (Minimum) 180°F (82°C)

Tank Capacities:

Wash Tank 2.9 gals. (11.0 liters)

Booster Heater2.1 gals. (7.9 liters)

Electrical Requirements:

Wash Tank Heat 3.27 kW @ 208V, 4.0 kW @ 230V

Booster Heater 3.68 kW @ 208V, 4.5 kW @ 230V

Wash Pump 0.74 hp (0.55 kW)

Final Rinse Pump 0.27 hp (0.20 kW)

Drain Pump 0.09 hp (0.07 kW)

Overall (W x D x H)23-5/8” x 23-5/8” x 33-1/2” (600 x 600 x 850mm)

Inside Clearance Height 17-1/8” (435mm)

Wall Clearance Rear 1” (25mm) min

Machine / Shipping Details:

Shipping Weight 183 lbs. (83 kg)

Shipping Size (W x D x H) 27-5/8” x 27-5/8” x 41-3/8” (700 x 700 x 1050mm)