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JennAir Induction Cooktops


Estimated Total Project Cost:
$1000 - $8000
SCP Rebate:
SCP CARE/FERA Rebate up to: $ 1500 Open modal What's this?
Your Selected Option: 36" Stainless Steel Induction Cooktop

Magnetism with a pulse. A surface that heats only the cookware for fierce, flexible power. A true flush installation makes the jet-black surface melt into its surroundings. Striking, intuitive and easy to clean. Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance.

In addition to the above incentives, this product qualifies for a free cookware set and may qualify for an additional $300 post-installation incentive from the BayREN Home+ program! Just complete your project and we'll walk you through the steps to get cooking with your new cookware.

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Product Options and Features

Product Name Size # of Burners Digital Display Auto Pan Detect
36" Stainless Steel Induction Cooktop 36” 6
36" Induction Downdraft Cooktop-Stainless Steel 36” 4
36" Induction Cooktop-Stainless Steel 36” 5
30" Stainless Steel Induction Cooktop 30” 4
30" Slide-In Electric Induction Range-Stainless Steel 30” 5
30" Induction Cooktop-Stainless Steel 30” 4
30" Black Induction Cooktop 30” 4
24" Stainless Steel Induction Cooktop 24” 4
24" Black Induction Cooktop 24” 4
15" Modular Induction Wok Cooktop-Stainless Steel 15” n/a
36" Induction Cooktop-Black 36” 5
15" Induction Cooktop-Stainless Steel 15” 1

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