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ECO2 Systems SANCO2 Heat Pump Water Heaters


Estimated Total Project Cost:
$3000 - $12000
SCP Rebate:
SCP CARE/FERA Rebate up to: $ 10000 Open modal What's this?
Your Selected Option: 119 gallons

The ECO2 Systems SANCO2 heat pump water heater has the best efficiency in its class and is very quiet compared to other similar products. The SANCO2 absorbs heat from the outside air and uses it to heat water which saves energy, money, and reduces GHG emissions. The SANCO2 uses a CO2 refrigerant which does not deplete the ozone layer and has an extremely low level of global warming potential. This heat pump water heater uses over 70% less electricity than a conventional heat pump water heater or an electric resistance heat pump water heater. Typically, the water tank is installed indoors while the heat pump is installed outdoors and the only connection between the two is the water piping. The energy efficiency, high performance, superior quality, extended operating range, and low-profile design are all reasons why an SCP customer might want to purchase one of these heat pump water heaters.

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Product Specifications


43-gal. system – Energy Factor: 3.09, First Hour Rating: 71 gallons

83-gal. system – Energy Factor: 3.84, First Hour Rating: 101 gallons

119-gal. system – No info online

Water Temperature Setting: 130 ºF to 175 ºF

Ambient Air Operating Temperature: -20ºF to +110ºF

Heat Pump Capacity: 15,400 Btu/h

Heat Pump Capacity: 4.5 kW

Heat Pump COP: 5.0

Refrigerant Type: R744 (CO2 )

Compressor Type: Inverter

Power Voltage: 208/230v –1Ph – 60Hz

Breaker Size: 15 Amps

MCA: 13 Amps

Outdoor Operating Noise Level: 37 dB

Weight: 106 lbs

Pipe Size (Tank to Heat Pump): 1 /2" (Hot & Cold)

Max Length Inc Vertical: 50 ft

Max Vertical Separation: 16 ft

Max Water Pressure: 95 Psig

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