Chiltrix Air to Water Heat Pump


The World’s Most Efficient Chiller Heat Pump

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The Chiltrix air to water heat pump system (also known as a hydronic heat pump or a reverse-cycle chiller) is an advanced heating and cooling system available in modules to create systems of various sizes. Each module delivers AHRI-rated cooling of 26,000 BTU and heating rated at 34,000 BTU.

The Chiltrix heat pump is compatible with various indoor heating and/or cooling options such as (ductless) room fan coils, ducted forced air systems, radiant heating (or cooling), and can produce domestic hot water.

The CX34 exclusively uses variable speed/capacity components such that it can match itself to the load, and then continuously adjusts its capacity as the heating or cooling load changes

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Product Features and Specifications


2 Tons Cooling / 3 Tons heating

IPLV Cooling 26,615 BTU COP 6.75 EER 23.02

Heating 33,813 BTU COP 3.92

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