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Bosch Teppanyaki Plate


Base Price: $369 does not include installation fee
SCP Rebate: $0
Vendor Rebate: $36.9
SCP CARE/FERA Rebate: $0 Open modal

Pair your induction cooktop with this essential Teppanyaki Plate. The plates length allows you to use 2 zones on your induction cook top which allows you to sauté your food in the front while simultaneously keeping your food warm in the back! You’re able to control the temperature for an ideal dish. This product takes induction cooking to a whole new level by giving you the chance to cook your favorite dishes right on your induction cooktop!

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Features and Specifications

Ability to cook on 2 zones

Multilayer SWISS-PLY material with aluminum core surrounded by two stainless steel layers

Oven proof up to 4826 degrees Fahrenheit

Approximately 16.5”x10.4”

Accessory for hobs

Two handles on each side for easy lift

Item number HEZ390512

Works great with Bosch Induction Cooktops

5 lbs

Stainless steel color

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