Due to popular demand, the 0% financing offer is FULLY subscribed and not available for new applications at this time.


Dado a la demanda popular, la oferta del 0% de financiamiento ha llegado a su capacidad de inscripción y no está disponible para nuevos aplicantes al momento.

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0% Financing. 100% Easy.

Construction costs have been going up. To help make the latest, low carbon technologies accessible to all, Sonoma Clean Power is offering 0% financing for select energy efficiency technologies—payable through your utility bill! Financing of up to $10,000 is available for residential customers in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. To get started, follow the 5 steps below.

Step 1 – Come Meet us and Learn More!
We understand that "financing" can be a scary word, and we’re here to make it easy for you. E-mail us at or call us at (707) 708-0444 to learn the basics of our financing program.

Step 2 – Complete Screening Application
To make sure you’re a good fit for the financing program, we ask that you fill out an online screening application. SCP staff will review your application and get back to you via e-mail within 3 business days. Note: this e-mail may go to your spam folder. Please check your spam filter if you have not received a response from us within 3 business days.

Step 3 – Select Your Technology and Contractor
Once we notify you that you’re a good candidate for the program, you can use our Contractor Matching Tool to select the technology you’re interested in and get paired with a qualified contractor. Not all contractors participate in our financing program, so if you’re interested in financing, be sure to select the "interested in on-bill financing" option when selecting the technology you are interested in installing. Work with your contractor to apply for rebates available from SCP and other organizations including but not limited to BayREN and local Air Quality Districts to ensure the greatest savings on your technologies. If you can, sign your rebate over to your contractor to lower your monthly loan amount.

Step 4 – Tell SCP What You Want to Include in Your Loan and Submit Your Participant Agreement
After getting your bid(s), tell SCP what contractor and bid you’re selecting and our program implementer, Frontier Energy, will help you fill out a Participant Agreement. The agreement will identify the equipment and ancillary measures approved in your loan, your total loan amount, the monthly repayment amount, and total number of payments required to repay your loan in full. Once you receive the participation agreement, you have 30 days to sign and return the agreement.

Step 5 – Install Your Technologies and Start Saving
Your next step is to work with your contractor to install the technology(ies). If there are changes in your project along the way, you will work with SCP and your contract to update your project scope and loan terms. Once your installation is complete, your contractor will submit the required "Notice of Completion" paperwork to SCP. Upon SCP-approval of completed projects, SCP will pay the approved loan amount in full directly your contractor and you can then expect the repayment line item to appear on your PG&E bill under the “Details of your Sonoma Clean Power Electric Generation Charges” page in 1-2 billing cycles.