Personalized Recommendations

Your personalized, interactive dashboard is specifically tailored for your home and your preferences. Customize your home with existing technologies to see how much you are currently saving or explore how adding new technologies can have a major impact on reducing emissions! The personalized recommendations from SCP Electrify can make switching easy.

With the “Build My Plan” feature, you can get a customized blueprint suggesting the best time to make specific upgrades.

When you authorize PG&E usage data to be imported to your dashboard, you’ll get even more accurate data and be able to and monitor your daily usage.


Explore the latest and greatest.

Explore technologies like electric vehicles, batteries, heat pump water heaters, induction cooktops, and air source heat pumps.

With the “Why Electrify” feature, get a snapshot of how each technology fits in to your home and learn more about the benefits.


Make the switch!

When you decide to make the switch, you’ll be connected to the Advanced Energy Center to get the best price, latest incentives, and become connected to a local contractor who can complete the installation.

Get started today!
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