Sonoma Clean Power offers incentives in the form of loans and/or rebates to residential customers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties who are improving the energy efficiency of their homes by purchasing and installing efficient appliances and equipment.

0% Loans

Available up to $10,000

  • Loan applications and agreement must be completed BEFORE a project begins.
  • Applications are available and completed online.
  • Responses are sent within three business days for all applications.
  • Projects must be completed by an SCP financing approved contractor.
  • Our Advanced Energy Center team is here to help!

Eligibility Requirements for SCP Rebate

• Installation address must be an SCP residential account.

• Project must be installed must be after May 13, 2022.

• Contractor performing install must have active Contractor State License Board number.

• Follow the steps below to apply for a rebate.

1. Select a contractor to install equipment and ensure work is properly permitted.

2. Verify equipment meets the qualifications for SCP rebate using Table A.

3. Complete installation and receive a final building permit.

4. Compile required documentation detailed in Table A.

5. Complete a “Claim Rebate” form online to initiate the rebate request.

6. If approved, a rebate check will be sent within 6-8 weeks of a complete and approved submission.

Note: If, for any reason, documentation is incomplete, our team will contact you with follow-up requests or questions.

Our Advanced Energy Center administers SCP incentives and rebates. For any questions, please contact advancedenergycenter@sonomacleanpower.org or call 707-708-0444.

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