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Our Changing Climate and Evolving Building Practice

Event Date: 11/16/2021

12:00p. m. - 1:30p. m.

Event Type: Professionals
Event Sector: residential
Instruction Level: intermediate
Location: Online
Language english
Host: 3C-REN

This class will provide an overview of the changes occurring within the building sector and the driving forces behind them. 3C-REN will discuss what these trends foretell for those in the industry, and an array of actual and potential solutions available to address the challenges faced in the industry.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify key issues driving evolution within the building industry

• Describe policies and programs emerging to address these realities

• Explain the three pillars of high-performance, climate-responsive building practice

• Incorporate high-performance priorities and practice into a personal or professional action plan


Ann Edminster, Design AVEnues LLC

Jay Gentry, CCT, Inc.

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