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Grid Interactive Buildings - Enabling a Resilient Clean Energy Future

Event Date: 10/13/2021

12:00p. m. - 1:30p. m.

Event Type: Professionals
Event Sector: residential
Instruction Level: introductory
Location: Online
Language english
Host: Electrify Now

In this free webinar, we will explore how we can remake buildings into clean and flexible energy resources by combining energy efficiency, electrification, and demand flexibility with smart technologies and electric appliances. These solutions help reduce peak electric loads, which will be essential to providing a reliable clean energy system.

- As buildings electrify how will they affect overall electricity demand?

- What are the smart technologies that will enable buildings to use less energy especially at peak times?

- How do buildings communicate with and respond to the needs of the electrical grid?

- How will buildings and vehicles interact in the smart grid of the future? Panelists:

Karina Hershberg - PE, LEED AP, Associate at PAE Engineers. Passionate about sustainable development, Karina has nearly 15 years of experience in electrical engineering. She brings a unique perspective to her dual roles in analysis and engineering at PAE. Through data-driven analytics and innovative electrical design, Karina helps projects implement regenerative and resilient solutions. She leads the development of microgrid design, emissions analysis, and campus-scale solutions for the firm. Karina was a key contributor to many major sustainability-focused projects such as the Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center, Georgia Tech Kendeda Living Building, CalSTRS Headquarters Expansion, Beaverton Public Safety Center, and PAE Portland Living Building.

Isaac Barrow - Commercial Real Estate Market Manager, PGE. Isaac manages the expansion of new products to key customers including the integration and evolution of smart cities initiatives. He also oversees the recruitment of large commercial customers and economic development in partnership with regional agencies and jurisdictions.

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